Flea Control Brandon

flea control
Fleas can live for about 100 days!

Top Pest Control of Brandon gets numerous complaints about flea removal. This is due to the fact that when flea infestations go on too long before getting treated, in-store solutions don’t quite have the power to completely get rid of them; at least not quickly. Our safe yet effective flea treatments can do the job.

Fleas are an annoying frustration and not a single person should have to put up with them. Fleas are wingless insects with mouths adapted for piercing skin and blood sucking; their food source. They can feed on a person or an animal and become embedded in your hair or your pet’s fur within 10 minutes. Typically this results in itching, irritation and redness.

Let Top Pest Control of Brandon help you with your problem with fleas now! Treating a flea problem in your house can be a challenge. For every flea that is discovered there usually is more hidden. Not to mention it’s highly important to treat your pet, if any are in the home, to ensure complete flea removal. Do not let a flea problem invade your family’s house. Call Top Pest Control of Brandon at 813-659-5884 today!